Working For You.

we founded and grownup in South Asia, which is a historically extensive geographical area of the world, now AGL is available as independent Logistics and NVO at many parts of the world.

AGL is innovative and personalized way to keep your business moving, right according to your required speed, we do Tylor made long and short terms solutions by giving an advantage of B2B and B2C on line available tracking and tracing systems on a very competitive cost.

At AGL “we are committed to provide our very best services” Our standard operating procedures will really give you peace of mind.

AGL is a real Customer’s Driven brand, we are moving with specific requirement of each customer, with a professional and technical support of our global network.

Team AGL Experience and Knowledge moving; hands in hands together to meet required needs of our valued customers.

We Expert in our Services

At AGL we have capability to encourage the Confidence through its experienced and
trained team members who are really working hard end to end all over the world.

AGL – an old Tradition with modern advancements.
AGL – Beyond Excellence!